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About Me

Lesley Bushnell
Lib Dem Campaigner for Capel, Leigh and Newdigate

Lesley who has worked within the healthcare industry for most of her career, joined the Liberal Democrat party a few years ago, when she realised that sitting on the sofa and shouting at the politicians on the TV was not a valid way of helping people. Since then she has been actively involved in local politics, first playing a part in the successful campaign against the Conservative threat of a 15% Council Tax rise, which was halted following a Lib Dem petition. She helped in another successful petition against the proposed closure of the recycling centres in Surrey and continues to campaign against fly-tipping. Road safety issues are important to Lesley, who is currently supporting residents in their bid to stop the potential of increased HGV traffic on dangerous bends on the A24 near Capel.
She has always been interested in archaeology and, in 2013 completed her PhD at UCL, London and published her first archaeology book in 2016. She has also worked for 13 years as a volunteer in the British Museum.