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Roads in our ward ignored by Mole Valley Local Committee programme

by lesleybushnell on 18 March, 2018

When I have been out chatting to people in our area, the local issues most frequently aired are related to our roads. People in the villages are very concerned about speeding and want measures taken to help reduce this danger. Some are worried about specific dangerous spots and crossings on our highways. Others find it hard to get along badly eroded (or non-existent) paths and pavements with pushchairs, walking frames and motorised buggies. And then there are the potholes!!!!

The Mole Valley Local Committee was established so that communities could have a say over decisions made by Surrey County Council that will affect them. Recently that committee met to look at highways budgets. So, you might be think this would help, particularly as one of our own District Councillors is a member of that committee.  But despite works so desperately needed in our ward, Capel, Leigh and Newdigate do not feature much at all in the highways programme and where there is a mention it is usually to defer the works “for future years”, the earliest of which is the 2018-19 budget.

  • Temple Lane, Capel – Road maintenance
  • Partridge Lane, Newdigate,  Bridge works
  • Shellwood Cross Bridge construction

 To be considered for future years

Temple Lane re-surfacing. Can this really be delayed indefinitely?


  • Hunts Bridge, Horsham Road Capel – embankment maintenance

    Deferred due to lack of funds

Dangerous accident spot

  •  Winfield Grove pavements is in 2018-19 programme, so not happening soon.

     Postponed until 2108/19 budget

    Let’s make our pavements safe and easy to use for pushchairs, walking frames and motorised buggies.

 In a way, it is not surprising that so little is being done is our area, as the Local Committee’s devolved highways budget for capital works in the medium-term plan is only £36,363. This is for the whole of Mole Valley.

As residents, we are being realistic in our expectations. We only asking for some very routine, inexpensive measures to make our roads and paths safer and easier to use. However, we are being let down by the Conservative administration at three levels:

The Conservative central government is simply not providing enough funding for local government. The Conservative administration at County level is not only cutting important primary services, such as highways maintenance and safety, but it is also badly mis-managing the budget we do have. Our local Conservative-led District Council are not standing up for residents’ needs and are voting through budget cuts and tax rises. It’s time for a change.

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